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Sodyum Metabisülfit

Sodyum Bisülfat

Tarım için Kükürt

Kauçuk için Kükürt

Kimyasal ürünler üretim ve pazarlama

Maden üretimi ve pazarlaması

Sun Shield, Güneş Yanıklığını
Önlemede İnce örtü kaplama teknolojisi

Manganes Sülfat Mono 0,82usd/kg | Manganes DioxidPARS67 0,42usd/kg | Bakır Sülfat Mono 2,0usd/kg | Manganes OxidPARS45 0,40usd/kg | Manganes Sülfat Mono 0,82usd/kg | Magnezyum Oxidm0,22usd/kg
Bakır Sülfat Penta 1,90usd/kg | Kükürt(TARIM) 0,22usd/kg | Çinko Sülfat Mono 1,36usd/kg | Kükürt(KAUCUK) 0,20usd/kg | Magnezyum Sülfat 0,22usd/kg | SunSep10(Abs) 0,20usd/kg
Sodyum Metabisülfit 0,40usd/kg(gıda/teknik) | SunSep20(Yemkat) 0,25usd/kg | Manganes DioxidPARS74 0,60usd/kg | Mikronize Kaolin 0,45tl/kg

Sectoral Firms

Chemicals, Agriculture, Mining and Internet Advertising;
  • Sodyum Metabisülfüt (Gıda Kalitesi)
  • Bakır Sülfat Mono
  • Manganes Dioxid
  • Manganes Sülfat
  • Magnezyum Nitrat
  • Demir Sülfat
  • Çinko Sülfat

We have produced a lot of products in different regions of turkey

  • Micronized kaolin
  • Micronized manganes

Fruits grow smother with out spot and in the homogeneous size.the expiration date of the product increases

Reach the right platform at the right time to the right audience with internet advertising and media marketing strategy

Our mission is to guide our country to turn to value-added products.

We have started our activities in the field of mining and chemical Products and agriculture since 2007.We have introduced new products to the market Our goal is to make new products to help our customers and countrys We continue to work with the construction and payment of more than 20 new and efficient products

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We continue to build 20 high-value added products

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