Kauçuk için Kükürt

Kauçuk için Kükürt

by ozkancol

Sulfur for kauchu

What is sulfur?

Because of the high ph of the soil,high amount of lime and not taking care of the plant,this is an effective and cost effective solutiom for fungel diseases.

İn a collaborative effort between academic export in universities,it was found that not only is purity and value important.

But more importantly for more and faster effectes,the size of the sulfur must be very small,ie micronized.in the analysis,specified the most suitable sulfur is 99.96 % persent.which is produced from pure sulfur and by the global fertilizer,can produce pure and micronized sulfur.

-sulfur micronized powder:

İf we cut the sulfur to a very small size,we can achived pices of 120 microns in size from 0 to 40 micrones,sulfur 80 micron.which is a micronized sulfur.

use for:

-other than agriculture,in rubber industry,car tires,insulating,footwear,conveyor,belt,balon,head bolt,pacifier,eraser,floor covering,speed trap,prevent machine shaking,curtain of air suspension,hose,toys,watches,rubber fitting,mobile cover,boot,insulation industry and It is used in other products.

-In production of liquid sulfur

-In cosmetics and sanitary products such as sulfur skin protective cream, soap and face mask are used.

(Granular Sulfur):

-While the  ph Balances the soil Increases soil nutrition performance. and It also has the most common use in the production of sulfuric acid.

-granur sulfur is also used in soil remediation and in preventing soil erosion.

-Sulfurize: For example, in a closed room, in which apricots are present, they burn the sulfur And the exhaust gas called Sulfuric Acid on apricots sited on it and will protect them apricots.

-Soil modification: Due to the long duration of its effect on the soil, which is at least 5 years old, it is very much used.

– In the production of gunpowder

– In the production of sulfuric acid

-In the production of cobra

– In the industry of recovery and refining of lead

– In poultry, it is used to kill insects

(Liquid sulfur):

Liquid sulfur, a highly effective product for soil modification And its pH setting is very useful .

Suitable for use in the form of droplets, rainy, and big bag  pumps. Its droplets are about 1 to 12 microns and it does not damage the greenhouses . Its use varies depending on the Ph

Soil and soil structure change and Depending on the amount of heat, it will show its effect in a few days.

other uses:

-most often used to set ph and also modifies the soil and make it usefull.

– In organic farming, one of the rare cases that is allowed to be used

– It can be used throughout plant growth

– before and planting time is applicable too

– it isThe most effective and quickest way to adjust and reduce the amount of the lime and salt of the soil

– that is  increase the resistance of the plant to freezing and remain resistant to plants in the winter

– During the night and day, the difference in temperature in the plant balances and decreases

– It helps to grow the plant faster

– Helps to receive essential nutrients from the soil and facilitates it and increases productivity.

– It causes soil resistance to drought.