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Amonyum bikarbonat

Appearance: White powder and crystalline structure

Chemical name: Ammonium hydrogen carbonate

Chemical formula: NH4HCO3,

Food code: E 503

Packing: 25 kg

Description and use:

Ammonium bicarbonate (commonly known as ammonium hydrogen carbonate) is a simple inorganic compound.


Ammonium bicarbonate (commonly known as ammonium hydrogen carbonate) is a simple inorganic compound.

Ammonium bicarbonate is a widespread reaction to industrial and research methods

Ammonium bicarbonate escapes into the CO2 solution and releases ammonia

This makes it possible to create a good buffer for applications such as ammonium bicarbonate, lithophilic, and laser lipolysis in the matrix.

Areas of use:

Used in fire extinguishers, detergents, ceramics, paints, textile industry, leather and manure

Cooked products are also used as baking powder in the food industry.

  • Ammonium bicarbonate is also used for digestion of proteins in the gel and in the analysis of the MALDI mass spectrometry proteins are used with trypsin.

Ammonium bicarbonate is used in some applications for food processing, cough syrup and as anti-acid as a furnace powder.


Also as fertilizer,ph Buffer and reagent are used in chemical laboratories.

In the industry for the production of paint, medicine, catalysts, ceramics, fire retardants, plastics and other products.

Ammonium bicarbonate is mainly used as fertilizer. After application in soil, ammonium ions (NH4 +) in ammonium bicarbonate can be absorbed by soil colloid or mesh or into nitrogen nitrate. After absorption of plants, the auxiliary molecule with a small effect on zinc  pH There is no soil

Ammonium bicarbonate is used as nitrogen fertilizer, it can be applied to different soils, it can also provide ammonium nitrogen and carbon dioxide to produce crop. However, it contains low nitrogen content and is also easy to cure

It can be used as a reagent reagent, as well as in the synthesis of ammonium salts and industrial oils

Promote growth and product photosynthesis; produce leaf growth; this can be used as a rollback; it can also be used directly as soil fertilizer, including the food ingredient and filler material