Zinc Sulfate 

Zinc Sulfate 

by ozkancol

Çinko sülfat

Zinc sulfate

Appearance: white crystalline powder and sliceChemical name: zinc sulphate

Chemical formula: znso4

Packing: 25K bags

Usable items:

Sulfate is a mixture of sulfur and zinc. It is commonly used to kill and control algae and   weed.

The amount of poisonous zinc sulfate
It depends on the amount of zinc in it. Zinc is a vital ingredient that plays important role in the development of humans, animals and plantsZinc is found in nature in food and water.Sulfate is an inorganic ingredient and is a nutritional supplement. In addition to preventing and curing zinc deficiency and In situations where we are at high risk. Side effects are abdominal pain, vomiting, headache and tirednessOther usesAgricultural sectorChemical sectionpigment, zinc analysis, pharmaceutical industryExtraction of mine

Artificial Fiber, Brewery

Paint, leather, liquid paste, animal food, fertilizers containing zinc

In a single area, the amount of product received increases

pH regulates the soil

Prevents yellowing,It protects the plant against coldIn fruit trees, the product increases