Iron Sulfate

Iron Sulfate

by ozkancol

Appearance: Crystalline and odorless

Chemical name: Ferrous sulphate,ferrous sulfate

 Chemical formula: feso4 Packing: 50K bags
Introducing and using:
Iron sulfate is a non-odorless chemical that is found in a greenish blue color. Iron sulfate can be seen in water, monohydrate, pentahydrate, heptahydrate depending on the amount of water present in it The chemical formula of this product is Foso4

Iron is one of a kind of iron sulfate; it is the same iron that is normally found in food

Iron is found into the human body in the form of hemoglobin and myoglobin. The hemoglobin transports oxygen to the blood and organs of the human body, and myoglobin also helps to store oxygen in our muscles.

İtems we can use iron sulfate

Iron sulfate is used in the manufacture of medical and gardening equipment, and is also widely used in a variety of industries

Iron sulfate is also used as a fertilizer


Iron sulfate as  killer of algae and is one of the components of  lawn  and dressing tools

. _ Iron sulfate improves grass growth by acidifying the soil in good leaves, because the lands with high alkalinity prevent grass growth

_ Prevents from the growth of algae and weeds which eliminates the appearance of grass

Controls damaging lesions to the grass

Used as a fertilizer for soil

Iron sulfate, along with other iron components, is used to nourish nutrients and to help eliminate iron deficiency and prevent its deficiency.

Iron sulfate is used to make ink from the eighteenth century to the present, especially in the production of iron adhesive ink.