Copper Sulphate

Copper Sulphate

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Appearance: White powder or crystal

Chemical name: Potassium carbonate

Chemical formula: K2CO3

Packing: 25 kg. The bag

Descriptions and use:

Potassium carbonate, as an ancient Egyptian soap, was a carbonate-like substance that prevented many diseases.

Potassium carbonate is a substance  K2CO3  Is

And its chemical formula as a regulator  Ph Used

The underlying causes of many diseases include cancer with reduced balance PH

In other words, the most important substance that forms the alkaline effect of our body is potassium carbonate. In the human body is determined

Soft potassium carbonate, silver and alkaline white

In general, depending on seawater and many minerals seen. Potassium carbonate is rapidly oxidized in the air and very effective against water

Potassium carbonate is one of the most important elements for plant growth

Since most potassium materials are in soil type composition and are used in fertile structures

Potassium carbonate is soluble in water and is used to improve the taste of water

Due to its crystalline structure, it is generally known as calcite mineral, and is present in a small amount.

Experts believe that pH of body is Alkaline

The material of potassium carbonate is soft enough to be cut with a knife

When the surface of the recently cut carbonate carbonate is combined with air, a matte appearance emerges.

Potassium carbonate, metal oxide and hydroxide must be stored in an anaerobic environment to reduce corrosion due to the formation of matter.

For this reason, potassium carbonate samples are generally stored in oil and environmental environments.

Potassium carbonate mine, like other alkali metals, creates hydrogen gas when exposed to water.

Potassium carbonate is a compound that is widely used in our lives.

This compound is most commonly used in the glass industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and many other fields.

That’s why we understand the importance of this combination in our lives. Potassium carbonate is ranked 7th among many elements in nature

That’s why we need it easily whenever we need it

Potassium carbonate is also widely used in fertilizer production.

This leads to the deposition of this compound in the soil by plants. People find this combination of plants as a healthy way for their bodies

Of course, the human body also needs this combination. White potassium carbonate Therefore, compounds that can easily be different from other compounds. This crystalline structure is brilliant.

Potassium carbonate is a substance that is very fast in oxidation

Therefore, the storage conditions should be well adjusted

. Air contact should be disconnected when not in use. This substance may show the same reaction with water

Therefore, storage conditions should be considered.

Numerous quantities in nature make your needs easy to handle, usually made of rocks and ready for use. Potassium carbonate is very important for vital things

In the absence of this compound, which is an essential mineral for the human body, people complete this deficiency with herbs.

This mineral is essential for the survival of cells, even in individuals and animals with potassium carbonate deficiency, there is a dysfunction of the heart.

Areas of use:

In industrial products, glass surfaces, ceramics, explosives, implantation, personal care products, soft soap manufacturing, food industry, mineral salts production, chemical paints and wool finishing works are used.

Potassium carbonate, which acts as a relief agent in the alkalinity of cocoa powder and as an inhibitor in combination with aluminum sodium phosphate, forms the taste and persistence of soap. Adding potassium carbonate to liquid soap prevents hydrolysis and helps to improve the efficiency of washing.

In addition, potassium carbonate is used to maintain liquid soap in liquid ratios and to prevent gelling.

From the television industry to photography, it can be used in many industries and is easy to find. It is also used in fire pipes because of fire.